Kplex Fiber plast powder shots

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Repair And Restructures the hair , Gives an Instant recovery to hair fibrils and moistures the hair from within .

Kplex Powdershots is Life saver with its unique technology which contains Hydrolyzed Nanocollagen  particles  given in  powder form , It is freshly prepared as per the condition of the Hair were the stylist how he/she  would want  an instant recovery of his/her clients lifeless, damaged hair .

1. Kplex Powder-shots can be combined with all the technical Treatment product .

2. Kplex Powder-shots is Pre-service given before CollagenKeratin /FiberplexButox/Nanoplasty /Tretmentspa

3. Kplex Powder shots can be given as an Anti-Breakage hair sitting to improve Hair-elasticity




Benefits :

• 90% collagen concentrate in powder form
• Repairs and restructures the hair fiber from the cortex
• can be combined before keratin treatment, botox, before straightening
• Strengthen the hair elasticity level
• Can be given as an anti-breakage treatment it’s like a powerhouse for hair to regain its life

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