Salon at Home –Quadraplex Fixer mist

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Wonderful easy product even an non-salon person can use at home for his/her frizz control keratin-infusion at home  were the results can last for 3 to 4 washes . Kplex quadraplex Mist comes with an technical guidance procedure with the product itself to the client . Economical and cost-effective way to maintain your hair frizz-free. Suitable for both men and women . Kplex recommends Aftercare shampoo and mask should compulsorily be use of kplex only for results to last 4 washes  — Nanoplasty or Qudraplex seies only

Follow the SOP as per the Technical guidance as given by the company and followed by the Home-care .

  1. Quadraplex Shampoo Enriched with Moringa Babassu Seed oil 300ml.
  2. Quadraplex Enriched with Moringa Babassu Seed Neutralizer Mask 200grm.
  3. Quadraplex Enriched with Moringa Babassu Seed serum 100ml .





Infused with the benefits of moringa and babassu, Quadraplex Filament Neutralizer Mask embarks on a mission to deeply hydrate hair from the helix polypeptide to the cuticle shaft, achieving a result that precisely reflects the craftsman’s intended outcome.

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