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Salon at home combo hair kit – Is an revolutionary economical result oriented product for people who don’t have time for salon service ,Still would need there hair to be frizz-controlled and tamed . This fixer-mist gives you 20 to 30% frizz free hair and results remain 3 to 4 washes . It contains moringa babassu seed oil were not only controls Frizz but also nourishes hair from within the cuticle . This kit comes with technical SOP from the company . And following the SOP is mandatory .

The kit consist of the following

  1. Filament Pre-wash 100ml (use before treatment )
  2. Fixer-Mist 100ml (Spray liquid )
  3. Neutralizer-Mask 200gm (Post Care ) use after the treatment
  4. Serum Mist 100ml

We assure long lasting results -home care used of KPLEX ONLY of the same range  .

1. Quatraplex- Filament Shampoo 300ml

2. Quatraplex-Neutralizer Filament Mask 200gm

3. Quatraplex-Serum 100ml


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